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Mailing Lists

Expertly developed mailing lists are crucial to the success of any Direct Mail Marketing campaign. You may have the newest, best, most incredible Widget
in the world today but if you’re not getting them in front of the right audience
they will never know.

A well crafted and targeted mailing list utilizing specific criteria such as, lifestyle, income, interests, membership, activities and many more has proven to be a
positive return on your marketing investment.

Southern Post Mail List Criteria
The lists below are by no means all inclusive.

What Criteria can you think of for your list?

Real Property Lists
Home purchase date
Home purchase Amount
Home Equity Available
Loan Amount
Loan Intrest Rate
Loan to Value Ratio
Square Footage
Number of Bedrooms
Year Built
Bankruptcies Lists
Home Loan Value
Home Loan Date
Loan to Value Ratio
Chapter of Bankrutcy
Filing Date
Release Date
Individual/Joint Filing
Children Presence
Dwelling Type
Homeowners/Movers Lists
Condo Indicator
Date of File
Down Payment Amount
Down Payment Percentage
Mortgage Amount Ranges
Mortgage Type
New Movers Database Source
Presence of Lender
Purchase Amount Ranges
Purchase Date
Rate Type
Record Type
Sale Type
Owner Type
Business Lists
Annual Sales Amount
Business Type
Executive Title Code
Hotline Flag
Location Type
Number of Employees
Ownership Indicator
Standard Industry Code
Years in Business
Phone Numbers
Contact Names
Job Title Selects
Specialty Lists
Accountants & CPAs
Ailment & Illness Sufferers
Boat Owners
Churches & religious
Credit Scores
Ethnic Lists
Insurance Agents
Investment Advisors
Magazine Subscribers
New Businesses
Nurses & Doctors
Political Donors
Pet Owners
Truck Owners
Ultra Affluent
Venture Capital Execs
Ocupant Lists
Radius distance from your location
Radius drive time from your location
Dwelling type
Route type
Median Income
Median home value
Household w/children

The lists above are by no means all inclusive.
What Criteria can you think of for your list?

Let us craft a mail list for you today.

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