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We guarantee the lowest possible postage rate
for which your mailing qualifies.

Southern Post can save you big money on postage. Your business or organization can mail at commercial Bulk Mail rates using our permit at no additional cost and save up to 70% on postage alone.

The US Postal Service has strict requirements for automation rate mailings and our staff at Southern Post are experts at evaluating your printing and direct mail marketing materials. We can make recommendations and adjustments to meet those requirements saving you both time and money.

We take the pains out of mailings by doing all the sorting, folding, matching, inserting, tabbing, indicia imprinting, digital or inkjet addressing and labeling. Let our experts show you how easy your next mailing can be.

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Mail Lists - Whether you target retirees or professionals, college students or homemakers, the expert staff at Southern Post can help you develop accurate targeted mailing lists that result in the highest response rates. Our data sources and methods ensure maximum deliverability.

NCOA (National Change of Address) - We check your lists for the more than 43 billion businesses, families and individuals that move each year to reduce waste, undeliverability, postage and to comply with USPS automation requirements.

Automated mail processing at Southern Post includes data cleansing to
de-duplicate, validate and enhance your mail lists. Data cleansing saves
you money by cleaning up any duplicates and standardize addresses to conform to the strict USPS regulations.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) - can add to the success of any direct mail campaign. Change text, graphics and pictures within the same campaign. Personalization has been proven to increase response rates to direct mail marketing. Custom personalization can be as simple as including the consumer’s name on the piece or we can create different versions of messages for specific groups including picture changes to match target audience interests such as single adults, families with young children, retirees, sportsmen, etc.

Digital technology enables several levels of personalized communication. Static, personalized, versioned and fully customized variable data printing
is available. The more personalized or targeted the direct mail piece the better your chance of a positive response to the piece. When you connect on a personal level you have a much better conversion rate from prospect to customer.

VDP also allows detailed tracking and reporting. By adding different promotion codes, phone numbers or offers you create an easy method to track the success rate of different demographics, versions, campaigns
or ideas.

Statement rendering at Southern Post is affordable, reliable and efficient. Our statement processing allows you to focus on what you do best and leave statement processing to the experts. Contact us today and let us show you the advantages.

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Direct Mail Services Do Not Include Postage.

Postage is due to the US Postal Service before mailing
and can be paid directly to the USPS or to Southern Post.

A convenience fee of 3% for payment of
postage by credit/debit cards may apply.

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