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Our mission is to work for you to increase your profits and visibility.

Southern Post, Inc. is a veteran Direct Mail Fulfillment,
Printing & Marketing company located in Nashville, TN.
With 30 years we know the ins and outs of the mail business.

We guarantee the lowest possible postage rate
for which your mailing qualifies.

Direct mail marketing is simple, effective, essential, trackable advertising that allows businesses and organizations to take their message straight to the consumer. Businesses and organizations from the self employed handyman to Fortune 500 corporations will benefit from Southern Post’s strategic targeted direct mail marketing campaigns.

Direct mail marketing services are a proven way to increase business.
At Southern Post we can take your marketing ideas from concept, to delivery
to the US Postal Service without the need for you to shop all over town to get designs, printing and mailing services coordinated, approved and delivered. You can keep taking care of your business and leave direct mail marketing to the experts at Southern Post.

By utilizing eye catching, dynamic, colorful designs and a specific call to action direct mail has been proven to increase business and has a major benefit of measurable, trackable responses from customers. A well developed and targeted mailing list can prove to be a positive return on your marketing investment by showing just how many customers respond to your specific call to action.

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be custom tailored to consumers based on criteria such as location, income, age, profession and as you will see in our list types page, specific targeted mailing lists can be developed for just about any demographic or geographic criteria you can dream up.


We have an impressive roster of clients and are known as the experts in
direct mail fulfillment across all industries. We love what we do. We take
the mystery out of direct mail and make it profitable, affordable,
measurable, fast, and personalized.

The bottom line: We successfully direct mail market your business.

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5 Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing.


Direct mail enables you to make direct personalized contact with potential customers.


Advertising is highly targeted by means of carefully developed
mailing lists.


Direct mail enables you to track and maintain a base of loyal customers.


You can mount an advertising campaign in just days or weeks to quickly get your message out to potential customers.


Your direct mail call to action should be time limited to invoke a
sense of urgency.


The US Postal Service says that 98% of consumers bring in their mail
the day it is delivered and more than 75% sort through it immediately.
This means that most people will see your direct mail campaign the
same day it arrives at their home or office.

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